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Dr. Vivian

I earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Montclair State University in 2013. I later earned certification in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016. To further understand the human body and mind, holistically, I studied naturopathic medicine and graduated in 2019 from National University of Health Sciences. I’ve been learning about mental and physical health for over 10 years and continue to learn daily, integrating all of the knowledge I have acquired to help you live your best!

More about me...I'm a first-generation Dominican-American. My parents were born in the Dominican Republic. My Dominican culture is very much a part of my life. My ancestral culture is full of healthy practices including herbal remedies like te de hoja and noni, whole food nutrition such as viveres, frutas y verduras, dance such as merengue, bachata, salsa and community including regular family and social gatherings with lots of love, laughter and fun! 

Every culture has its healing attributes and my mission is to help you find and incorporate those aspects of your culture, other cultures, or new and innovative practices to create a healthy lifestyle. Cultivating the lifestyle that gives you daily health in your mind and body and creates constant progress and growth in all areas of your life.  

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