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Services I Servicios

Lifestyle Counseling | Consejeria de estilo de vida

Part of the initial session includes an assessment of your lifestyle including dietary patterns, sleep habits, exercise habits, stress management, amongst other lifestyle factors. This is crucial to understanding what is contributing to your health struggles and necessary to know what changes need to be made for healing.

Individualized Nutrition Plan | Nutricion Individualizada

As part of your initial treatment plan, dietary modifications are almost always indicated. This can be anywhere from a temporary elimination diet, to a long-term health maintenance diet. The goal is to provide your body with the nutrition necessary for healing and to nourish you for your individual lifestyle.

Supplements | Suplementos

Supplements include botanical medicine, vitamins and minerals that may be in liquid, capsule, powder or tablet form. Some may be necessary for acute treatment and will be of short-term use. Others may be indicated for long-term health maintenance and optimal health.

Naturopathic Counseling | Consejeria Naturopatica

After the initial assessment or upon request, this form of counseling helps you understand yourself and subconscious patterns that are keeping you unwell. Through this conversation, you can come to understand yourself more profoundly than ever and break patterns that are keeping you from living optimally.

Homeopathy | Homeopatia

Homeopathy is a nearly 200 year old form of medicine that works by correcting any imbalances in the individual. A homeopathic intake will be between 60-90 minutes where questions about your health issues as well as specific qualities about you as an individual is assessed. Within one week, you will receive the remedy indicated for you. Homeopathy is safe to use for babies, pets, and pregnancy and works gently to restore your health.

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